Beds For Wimberley - Sports Arts & Entertainment at SEA District in Corpus Christi, Texas

Jun 5, 2015


June 5, 2015 for immediate release… As thousands rush to the aid of central Texas Flood Victims in an unprecedented effort and show of humanity, one thing has become clear. These folks need BEDS! As supplies, clothing and bedding are being brought from far and wide, what we have noticed is that these victims have no beds to get a good night’s rest in. Therefore, we are banding together down in the SEA District this weekend along with Roommates and Ben E. Keith foods to sponsor “Beds for Wimberley”, a drive to supply as many flood victims as possible with beds.

Stop by either location this weekend. Donate in one of our donation bins.

THIS WEEKEND ONLY – We will be getting the beds directly from Roommates and then Ben E. Keith Foods will be delivering them straight to the flood victims in Wimberley via their fleet of trucks.

For more information contact Brewster Street Icehouse at 361-884-2739 or Hurricane Alley Waterpark at 361-883-9283.